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Who We Are

At Portali, we believe every business deserves the opportunity to succeed and we never stop developing innovative solutions to make that possible. We are an Israeli-based company providing automation platforms that enable accountants and business owners overcome their most significant financial challenges.

Founded in 2019 by two Tel-Aviv based accounting experts and entrepreneurs,

the idea for Portali started from the basic challenges that many companies face in terms of bookkeeping and accounting, including inaccurate calculations, delayed reporting, multiple human errors, limited analytics, and more. These issues cause businesses, small and mid-sized businesses, and even big businesses and giant corporations to slip their margins and to let slow revenue prevent their potential growth.


Our main goal is to bring a lean fast simplified financial workspace to companies and firms

with a vision is to enable the business “know all its financial information now” “get it done now"


Our mission is to tangibly transform the accounting landscape for SMBs and CPA firms by implementing cutting-edge, user-friendly technological solutions driven by the powerful principles of AI and  ML. The transition from manual task execution to becoming strategic decision-makers is an essential step for fueling sustainable growth in businesses. We're here to empower you to embrace digital transformation, achieve remarkable operational efficiency, and fully maximize your growth potential. We're passionate about making accounting easy, efficient, and cost-effective for you. 



Our grand vision is to harness the might of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, empowering businesses to achieve optimal operational efficiency. We dare to envision a future that liberates SMBs and CPA firms from the shackles of traditional, labor-intensive accounting systems. A world where accounting is no longer a tedious chore, but a streamlined and efficient process. We hold an unwavering belief in the power of technology and it drives us to eliminate the unnecessary costs and time wastage that plague current systems.


Portali is led by two experienced and advanced fin-tech specialists with accounting, bookkeeping, Foreign Relations, and entrepreneurial background. Together they combine their knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that make a difference in the industry.

Ran adler

Co-Founder & CFO

Ran Adler

With a software engineering and AI background, Ran couples his technical talent with an impressive career spanning 30 years in accounting. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the owner of an accounting firm. Additionally, Ran's experience working with two other teams on similar solutions means he brings a deep industry understanding to our team.

Eden Adler

Co-Founder & CPO

Eden Adler

Entrepreneur & visionary product manager, expertly drives innovation, customer-centricity, and empowerment, fostering growth and unlocking new opportunities in both products and people. Through unwavering collaboration, mentorship, and community-building. Passionate leader and advocate for diversity and empowering others to achieve their full potential.

Asma Messaadi

Lead data scientist and R&D

Asma Messaadi

Software Engineering expert with 5 years of experience, specializing in crafting and implementing innovative data solutions. I not only lead key projects but also actively engage in the hiring process to build teams that excel in delivering high-quality IT projects.

Roy Israeli

Business Development Manager

Roy Israeli

Dynamic Business Development Manager who leverages his expertise in software, fintech, and AI to drive innovation and ignite growth while influencing education for the next generation of work. He is a visionary leader with a passion for building high-performing teams. 

Tal Horev

Marketing Manager

Tal Horev

Joint LLB and MBA student at Reichman University. Experience in social entrepreneurship, social media management and startups marketing, with a military background that combines skills in intelligence, command and training.

Steve Paul Cabato


Steve Paul Cabato

15 years of software engineering experience, with a sharp specialization in automation. Effective leadership skills demonstrated at NCR, where he steered a team through various projects and challenges. Additionally, he was the lead developer of a significant app. for food service operators and their suppliers.

Our Leadership
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