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Terms of Service

  1. Portali primarily focuses on invoice processing, the backbone of accounting processes.

  2. The pricing scheme above is based on over-night services, calculated annually to ensure accurate and effective results, as well as cost reduction, and taking into consideration possible communication malfunction variants.

  3. We use Hebrew and English as primary languages. For other languages, please contact our sales representative.

  4. We do not use, share, and/or resale any data or information we receive from users. All data belongs to users and is stored in any cloud service they choose, such as Apple Cloud, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

  5. Each document scanned or upload is counted accurately to keep pricing efficient.

  6. Portali is a cloud-based tool. It is safe, secure, and has no risk for data loss.

  7. Feature add-ons:
    a. Hand-writing invoices – a container of 100 invoices per month at 180 Nis.
    b. Unstructured invoices (such as small taxi invoices) – a container of 100 invoices per month at 180 Nis.
    c. Rush jobs**
        - Express job - 3 hours delivery + 100 Nis per up to 100 documents per run
        - Premium job – 1-hour delivery + 200 Nis. per up to 100 documents per run
    d. Cloud storage provider – as advertised by the provider.
    e. Other add-on features are currently in the development stage. 


** Portali believes in supplying as much accurate and reliable computerized data as possible. Therefore, overnight delivery is preferable.


Our pricing plan is carefully designed to be as flexible as possible and to accommodate different businesses. We understand that every firm performs its bookkeeping processes differently.


If you wish to try our product first before fully committing to us, we offer two weeks free trial to see if Portali meets your bookkeeping needs.

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