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New Year - New Resolutions

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

With the onset of the new year, we set goals and objectives for the coming year, as we are early into 2022. This is a great time to make some new resolutions for the upcoming year, how we will develop, grow and improve within this coming year.

In the last two years, we have experienced many changes and upheavals. Many businesses during this period experienced ups and downs and many crises. We have seen the importance of adopting different tools for business that can make a big difference.

We will be happy to share how we see the adoption of new tools that can help a business earn more and grow. We will start with a short example.

Until the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic (covid-19), the printer market was very powerful and every office had one or more printers.

Almost overnight, the volume of paper prints together dropped, as well as demands for printers and related products dropped dramatically. New technologies have been adopted by the general population. Now, going back is no longer possible.

Like the example of printers, there are examples in many different fields. To sum up, even markets that are seemingly strong or seemingly safe can no longer ignore the speed and intensity of changes in market response. "Today" is now, "tomorrow" is no more.

We believe that every business should recognize and adopt the three "D's".


Briefly about our three "D" that was mentioned:

Digital - a combination of digital tools like cloud computing, which provides the ability to run your business anywhere, anytime. Thus the service provided by the business enables availability and speed. Also the ability to be flexible and change shape i.e. flexible structure of the firm. Allows for quick response as an example of positive diagnosed workers to the coronavirus or staff in quarantine.

Demand \ Delivery - demand on the spot, fast in time, the ability of the business to adapt to the changing demand, to scaling up fast and easy. Today we experience the need for quick actions, and the business has the responsibility to provide its services and products in the fastest and best way for all its customers.

Database - Database with up-to-date data that allows you to make decisions in real-time. The time between the request for up-to-date information and the time for its delivery after audit and control. A business should strive to reduce the time gap as much as possible and make decisions based on up-to-date data.

Thus, at any given moment, up-to-date accounting allows for a 360-degree vision of the business. For quick decisions and checking that the decisions are implemented.

We believe there is a direct link between adopting new technologies and the ability to be flexible and up-to-date. Constantly adapting to an ever-changing environment, allowing for streamlining and decision-making quickly and correctly, so that the business will experience growth now and after the epidemic.

We at Portali, believe that a strong accounting base is a huge advantage in such a dynamic environment today. Among our other services we provide an invoicing service directly into any accounting software and create a work environment that conforms to the new reality.

New Resolutions
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