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Portali is an Israeli-based company specializing in developing and offering intelligent automation platform for digital transformation of data in the accounting and bookkeeping fields. Through our advanced tools and technology, our goal is to simplify and streamline bookkeeping procedures to help companies and firms improve their business processes, reduce manual work, eliminate human errors, and minimize operational costs.​

Founded in 2019, the idea for Portali started from the basic challenges that many companies face in terms of bookkeeping and accounting, including inaccurate calculations, delayed reporting, multiple human errors, limited analytics, and more. These issues cause startups, mid-sized businesses, and even big businesses and giant corporations to fall victim to cashflow problems, slipping margins, and slow revenue growth.


Portali was established by two entrepreneurs who experienced the same bookkeeping challenges. They realized that bookkeeping is indeed a tedious, time-consuming, and never-ending work that is very susceptible to human error. If there is a way to simplify and automate these nitty-gritty processes, bookkeepers can free up a lot of their time and use it in doing more productive tasks!


Our automated accounting software is designed to simplify the work of bookkeepers by eliminating manual data entry work. Portali is a smart and automated accounting tool designed to make bookkeeping processes easier and a lot less complicated. It is an intelligent software aimed to simplify implementation and deliver excellent results, increasing your firm's growth, productivity, and profitability.


Built with enhanced cognitive capture, process orchestration, artificial intelligence, and smart analytics, Portali makes document processing really simple. It enables documentation, seamless data extraction, easy collaboration, and reduction of complicated processes. With all its incredible features, Portali brings endless possibilities. 

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Portali is established by 2 accounting experts and entrepreneurs from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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Ran Adler has over 25 years in the accounting field, having worked in vast computerize environments.

Eden Adler is an entrepreneur and inventor, with over 5 years working in the field of Foreign Relations Management.

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